6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Podcasting as a Content Marketing Channel in 2018

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Podcasting as a Content Marketing Channel in 2018


Podcasting has numerous benefits, however, producing an ongoing podcast is a hard nut to crack. It takes more effort than simply clicking ‘Record’ on your smartphone and then uploading it online.

According to a recent Edison Research report, around 98 million US citizens are listening to podcasts annually, with more than 50 million individuals listening to them on a monthly basis.1 Indeed, the present podcasting explosion has been presaged as the ideal age of podcasts.

Podcasting involves a tremendous amount of research, planning, acquiring technical skills, managing social media networks and engaging your target audience.

For companies, podcasting can be a compelling opportunity to interact with your clientele, become noticeable among your competitors, and turn into an industry frontrunner and professional. However, you need to be very accurate about time management.

While only 3% of marketers are currently using podcasting for marketing purposes, around 32% actively wish to learn how to use it, and 23% intend to escalate their podcasting efforts.

Podcasting: Your shortcut to success
Did you know, MailChimp became a popular brand name overnight by simply running a 20-second ad at the start of every episode of the famous podcast, Serial?

This is just one illustration of a business taking advantage of podcasting, and it inspired several other companies to start producing their own podcasts.

Here’s why you should consider podcasting as a content marketing channel in 2018:

1. Practicing the art of subtle branding
Let’s face it: over-branding can actually kill your brand.

Around 57% of customers report that they avoid brands that bombard them with advertisements and other marketing messages. Podcasts can help you master the art of subtle branding!

As digital marketers, we are continuously reminded that storytelling is a vital instrument for consumer engagement. Through appropriate, enlightening, and valuable stories conveyed by evocative means, companies can connect with customers and develop a devoted audience.

One way to interact with your audience is a corporate blog.

Therefore, podcasts such as audio content can help you implement a more subtle approach. This way, you can become an intrinsic element of the content itself.

2. Easy to consume and mobile-friendly
It does not force users to abandon whatever they are doing just to concentrate wholly on your content.

An interesting example of a company producing convenient-to-consume and enjoyable content is General Electric that started a science-fiction podcast titled ‘The Message’. Contrary to the eBay podcast, General Electric focused on the audience to succeed.


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